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Our future depends on you

Support Us

Do you share WeyDu’s initiatives and are you willing to help?

By providing financial support to the organization, you will not only contribute to the creation and implementation of various projects, but also to the development of the Waynakh people in Europe.

We are WeyDu, an independent non-political and non-profit organization with no external financial support. Our team members work on a voluntary basis, combining their activities within WeyDu with studying, working and their family life.

United by one goal – the bright and successful future of the Waynakhs, we need sponsors to implement our projects. Our work is aimed at the progress and prosperity of the Waynakh diaspora in Europe; to help young people in educational and labour matters, as well as to preserve our national values, culture and history.

Participants and guests of WeyDu not only acquire new knowledge but share it as well. The organization is a meeting place: it’s a place where people from different parts of the world expand their network, their knowledge.

Your participation and support will allow us to develop projects on an even larger scale, which means we’ll have the means to respond to even more global problems and tasks.

We need you – our reader and like-minded people. Any amount, without exception, will provide us with indispensable support.

Your contribution will go to financing children’s camps, schools, solving social issues, and more generally, the development of the organization.


We are convinced that our prosperity directly depends on the quality and comprehensive education of the younger generations and the creation of a favorable society for their contact. The role of the association is to integrate and be a platform for interaction.


WeyDu – progress lies in unity