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About us

Waynakh European Youth Development Union (WeyDu) is a non-political and non-profit organization originally founded by a group of students united by common ideas and interests. 

Today, our team consist of enthusiastic group of volunteers combining this volunteering work with their work, studies and/or family. Our team includes very diverse professional profiles, ranging from law, IT, marketing, arts, social workers to entrepreneurs and students that provide us with their expertise. In case specific knowledge is not in-house, we establish contacts and develop cooperation with other public organizations and associations.

We aim at contributing to the self-realization of students, both in the creative and in the professional field. Besides that, we assist in solving various issues or concerns that arise in their student life.

Next to students, we also target parents, as the education process is often complicated and dynamic. As a parent, it is not always easy to be up to date with the ins and outs of higher education. This is why we offer different information sessions considering your specific concerns.

In case you have already said goodbye to your student life, and you are working in a specific sector, we are not forgetting about you either. Our set of events and conferences keep you in touch with and allow you to gain information from the peers

Finally, whether you’re young or old, working or studying: WeyDu is an excellent opportunity to make new friends, meet new people in a friendly atmosphere, take part in the planning of our events and events, share your knowledge and impressions, and spend your time with benefit and pleasure.