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Waynakh European Youth Development Union

Mission: Organizing leisure and educational events, developing weekend and summer schools for children and youth. Building a safe and strong community by motivating and inspiring. 


Creating a strong and safe organisation that inspires our youth in Europe to strive for education, career development and any other endeavour while staying true to their culture. 


  • Empowerment: motivationg our youth to excel in whatever they do and aid them if needed. 
  • Integrity: being trustworthy, reliable and honest.
  • Teamwork: relying on volunteers, funders and the community to shape the success of our youth.


  • Respect: consider each others’ feelings, values and opinions.
  • Impact: providing programs and activities, that support the youth and their families, aiming to make a difference in their future. 
  • Drive (Yah): rivalry in good works and valiant deeds, for honour.
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