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The Board

Adam Issaev

Chairman - Founder

Adam is the heart of the organisation. As one of the original founders of WeyDu, he has dedicated many years of hard work and time to our cause.
In his professional life, he’s the owner and CEO of a family construction company and a political and social activist.

Mohmad-Amin Magomadov

Public Relations

Mohmad is a sworn translator and an administrative worker. He graduated at the Romano-Germanic faculty of Grozny and holds a degree in social work which he obtained in Liège.

Heda Taramova

Business excellence & Strategy
Heda holds a Master’s degree in Commercial Sciences and a Bachelor’s in Business Management. Currently, she is working as digital transformation manager in one of the largest consulting companies worldwide, facilitating transformation projects at various clients. Prior to consultancy, she gained experience as a business controller focusing on project financials.

Deshi Askhabova

Business excellence & Strategy

Deshi recently graduated from KU Leuven with a Master’s degree in Business Engineering, majoring in Industry, Global Value Chains and New Technologies. She is currently employed at a big pharmaceutical company as a supply chain planner.

Fatima Saralapova


Medina Natsaeva


Medina is a manager at a construction company. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in marketing with a specialization in entrepreneurship at EPHEC in Brussels. 

Makka Isaeva


Islam Oumarov

Business Development

Islam is a dauntless adventurer, constantly looking for ways to gain experience and improve both hard and soft skills. He holds a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship.

Ismail Merzhoev

Business development

Ismail is an ambitious young man. Midway his studies for applied economics, he put his books aside to focus on his true passion: entrepreneurship. Today, he is the proud founder of Realwise & Renowise.

Deni Askhabov


Deni is a software engineer currently employed at a a big financial institution. He finished his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at UCLL and did an internship in Vancouver, Canada as a programmer for a big chocolatier.

Islam Albakov

Finance & Legal
Islam is a tax consultant. He holds a master’s degree in law.