General Terms and Conditions


For the purpose of these General Terms and Conditions, the following terms shall have the following meaning:

  • WeyDu: the association without lucrative purpose under Belgian law, bearing ‘0650.7687.43’ as its company registration number and legally named Wey-mentor vzw;
  • Contract: the consent of WeyDu and the Participant to be legally bound by obligations, either bilateral or unilateral;
  • Participant: a natural person or legal person who is the other party to the Contract.

Field of application

Unless otherwise provided, these General Terms apply to all Contracts, including the sale of goods and the service provisions.

  Each Contract means the irrevocable acceptance of these General Terms. The acceptance of the General Terms shall be done in accordance with the relevant provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU 2016/679).

Priority rule 

In the event of a discrepancy between these General Terms and a Contract, the provisions of the Contract prevail.

  In case of an incompatibility with the Dutch version of these General Terms or a Contract with the English version, the Dutch version prevails.


The Participant’s legal obligations, which can consist of the payment of a sum of money by invoice, must be performed within twenty (20) calendar days. Late payments ipso jure and without prior formal notice lead to late interests at the value of ten percent (10%) of the total due sum and to, ipso jure and without prior formal notice, a penalty payment of a lump sum equal to ten percent (10%) of the due payment, starting from a minimum of fifty euros (€ 50). The default of a single payment ipso jure renders exigible all other not past due payments.

Best efforts

All obligations on the part of WeyDu are best efforts obligations.

Completeness and factual correctness of the registration

If a registration or certain parts of it appear to be incomplete or manifestly incorrect, WeyDu reserves the right to dismiss the registration. In such event and if possible, WeyDu notifies the applicant of aforementioned refusal. The applicant has the right to a refund of the amount paid upon registration.

By way of derogation from paragraph 1 of this section, WeyDu can choose to grant the applicant a grace period in order to correctly fill in the registration form. 

Without prejudice to the applicant’s right to be restituted, WeyDu reserves the right to deduct the registration and/or payment costs (such as fees paid to the payment provider) from the amount reimbursed.

Good faith

WeyDu and the Participant shall act in good faith in the execution of the Contract.

Irrelevance of the exercise of contractual rights

The absence of the exercise of the Participant’s rights is in no way detrimental to the Participant’s legal obligations. 

In the case of a conference, this means that the Participant’s absence or a cancellation on his part will not give rise to a refund, without prejudice to what is provided under no. 11.


WeyDu’s team consists of persons who all volunteer in their free time to organise the WeyDu activities and conferences. As such, the Participant,  whose application and thus participation in the WeyDu activities and conference has been accepted, hereby agrees to indemnify the organisation against any and all losses, claims, costs, charges, expenses, damages and liabilities whatsoever which the participant may incur as a result of participation in these events. 

In the event of the Participant’s legal interests being infringed upon, WeyDu  shall only be responsible for intent or gross  negligence. 

If third parties, employed by WeyDu, infringe upon the Participant’s legal  interests, the Participant shall seek regress with the third parties first before holding WeyDu accountable. The Participant shall hold WeyDu accountable only if other regress is  unavailable.  

The Participant is obliged to abide by the Belgian law during whole time of the  conference and/or the activities. Any use of illegal drugs, criminal activities or any violations of the law will result in participant´s expulsion from the whole conference. In the case of the expulsion of participant no claims for refund can be made.


WeyDu members and Participants can be photographed and/or be filmed during conference activities or during any event hosted or organised by WeyDu.  

WeyDu reserves the right for an indefinite period to use any video or photo footage from the conferences or activities in general for its website, social networks and further promotion of the event and/or for archival purposes.  

WeyDu claims copyright on all materials, photos, videos, logos and articles on its website and social networks. No data can be used by third parties without the permission of WeyDu or proper credit.  

The copyright of any such materials shall be owned by WeyDu without payment or compensation to the Participants portrayed in the media. The Participant cannot invoke privacy rights or personality rights such as image.

Competence and applicable law

In the case of a legal dispute, only the courts of Antwerp are competent, save as mandatory legal provisions state otherwise.

  Belgian law is applicable.

Visa procedure

WeyDu will provide invitation letters and ease the visa procedure the Participant requiring visa to enter the European Union. However, the organisation bears no responsibility for unsuccessful visa claims.

In case the conference Participant fails to obtain a visa with the help of WeyDu, his/her conference fee will be returned in full amount to his account within three weeks after notification to the organisation.