Privacy Statement

The personal data the Participant provides WeyDu with is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (2019/679).

Aforementioned data is stored on a secure database on a Google Drive storage, which is only accessible to certain members of the WeyDu team.

If the Participant provides WeyDu with his personal information or that of a third party within the context of a Contract, the Participant affirms that he transfers aforementioned information to WeyDu within the framework of WeyDu’s goals and the execution of the Contract. The Participant affirms to have acquired the party involved’s consent to share the information in question with WeyDu. WeyDu shall process the information for the purpose of the delivery of goods and services, the execution of the Contract and its succession, including the management of legal disputes if need be, and in pursuing its goal as mentioned in WeyDu’s bylaws, and if required by law of a judicial decision. WeyDu is entitled to transfer this information to third parties, such as consultants and suppliers, on whom WeyDu can rely for the delivery of goods and services. This information may solely be used to this end.

WeyDu reserves the right to transfer your data in anonymised form to third parties for statistics and financing purpose. 

Natural persons whose information is processed, have a right to inspection and correction, both of which can be exercised by e-mail (to, by registered post or by bailiff’s writ.